PSQL Vx Server 13 New Installation - Windows and Linux


You are purchasing a New Installation license for PSQL Vx Server 13. Click on the links to purchase PSQL Vx Server Data in Use increases.

PSQL Vx Server 13 Features

  • Unlimited Session Counts - PSQL Vx Server 13 is licensed based on the amount of data in use only. Unlimited users, unlimited cores. Still single server
  • No Ongoing Internet Connection Required - PSQL Vx 13 Server requires an Internet connection only once - during initial product authorization
  • Client Reporting Engine - Offload large reporting operations to reduce impact on main server.

A single license purchased for PSQL Vx Server can be used for either 32-or 64-bit installations on Linux or Windows. The product key delivered with the product or via email will work for both 32- and 64-bit Windows and Linux versions of PSQL Vx Server.

PSQL Vx Server  includes a license for Backup Agent. No authorization key is required to use Backup Agent with PSQL Vx Server.