PSQL v13 Server - Developer Version


The Developer Version of Actian PSQL v13 Server  is for registered Actian PSQL Developers only. To order the standard version of PSQL v13 Server, click here. The developer version includes some key differences from the standard product:

  • License term of one year. The license for the Developer version of PSQL v13 Server will automatically expire one year after it is created.
  • Six users. The Developer version of PSQL v13 Server is limited to 6 users.
  • Development use only. PSQL v13 Server Developer version is licensed for development purposes only and may not be used in production environments.
  • More Authorizations and Repairs. The Developer version of PSQL v13 Server allows 1000 authorizations and 300 repairs.

For the Best Price

  1. Order the Developer Bundle - Click the Add Bundle to Cart button to get the best price.
  2. Register for the PSQL Developer Program - Joining the PSQL Developer Program will get you a 50% discount code that you can use during checkout when buying the PSQL Developer Bundle.
  3. $500 - When ordered as a bundle and applying the PSQL Developer Program discount, total price is $500 plus applicable tax.