PSQL v12 Server - Windows and Linux - New Installation


You are purchasing PSQL v12 Server New Installation for Windows and Linux. Click on the links to increase user count for an existing PSQL v12 for Windows and Linux installation, or to purchase PSQL v12 Server for OS X.

Note: If you are purchasing a 1-User Server, be aware that this product will not allow User Count Increases to be added.

Actian PSQL v12 is the newest version of PSQL Server. PSQL v12 has several new features including:

  • Online Defragmentation - PSQL v12 database files can be defragmented without any engine down time. Reads and writes can operate continuously during defragmentation. 
  • Enhanced VM Licensing - PSQL v12 licensing supports live migration on virtual machines. This means that a virtual machine with PSQL v12 Server can be migrated without invalidating the PSQL v12 license.
  • Unicode Support - PSQL v12 supports SQL storage for wide-character data.

Learn more about PSQL v12 at the Actian PSQL website.

Supports Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, WIndows Server 2008 R2, and Windows 7. Visit the Actian PSQL website for a complete list of operating systems supported

Upgrade pricing is available from PSQL v11. Please contact a Customer Interaction Representative at 800-287-4383 - Option 1 (for Sales) and Option 2 (for Database). Please have the invoice for the product you plan to upgrade. We'll need the information to help you with the upgrade.