PSQL Vx Server 12 New Installation - OS X


You are purchasing a New Installation license for PSQL Vx Server 12 for OS X. Click on the links to purchase PSQL Vx Server 12 for Windows and Linux or to purchase PSQL Vx Server Data in Use increases.

PSQL Vx Server 12 Features

  • Unlimited Session Counts - PSQL Vx Server 12 is licensed based on the amount of data in use only. Unlimited users, unlimited cores. Still single server
  • No Ongoing Internet Connection Required - PSQL Vx 12 Server requires an Internet connection only once - during initial product authorization
  • Online Defragmenter - Brand new feature for v12 that lets you defrag live PSQL files.

A single license purchased for PSQL Vx Server can be used for either 32-or 64-bit installations on Linux or Windows. The product key delivered with the product or via email will work for both 32- and 64-bit Windows and Linux versions of PSQL Vx Server.

PSQL Vx Server  includes a license for Backup Agent. No authorization key is required to use Backup Agent with PSQL Vx Server.